Localization is the process of adapting the translated text into the dedicated features of the language such as idioms as well as the cultural characteristics of the country where the localized material is used.

Localization with Referans Translation Services includes the following steps in basic: 
  • The target market is examined in terms of local, linguistic and environmental requisities,
  • The product is analyzed and parts of the text to be adapted are determined,
  • Text and other linguistically or culturally sensitive material is defined,
  • Text is translated, necessary parts are modified,
  • The core product is, if needed, reengineered to adapt the new foreign market content,
  • The new foreign market editions are tested to ensure they meet performance standards of the domestic product.
Website Localization 

While a website is translated into a new language, the content is localized in the light of the cultural concerns and understanding of the society where the target language is spoken. A multilingual web site localization is an important step of the globalization process at the end of which your web site becomes breathing in many culturally different environments and takes appreciation of people who are used to think in the way they are trained.

Software Localization 

Referans Translation Production Department consists of linguists living in target countries, experienced translators and interpreters, layout and design technicians and project managers. This team is always at your service for the localization of your software product. It may be required to release each software in various versions and various languages.