Everything starts with human and everything is for their satisfaction. As management philosophy, respect to humans is above everything. The investment made to human resources is the most important and long lasting one. We value our employees and help them developing their skills. We mobilize all our potentiality to increase their motivation, to maintain their constant development, to encourage them to take risks, to treat everyone equal and to reward their achievements. Teamwork, participation and creativity are used as base in our firm.

In order to contribute our clients' constant improvement and change, we follow and learn the developments in the world about our sector. We present our translation / document management and publishing services according to the sector's scientific methods, universal principals and ethical values.

Today Referans Translation Services has realized its Operational Competences by Product ? Market Focus in parallel with its corporate culture and resources which arose in the direction of company's general tendency. Referans Translations is finalizing its organizational settlement with strategies and strategic planning developed due to Managerial Development Projects and Corporate Objectives.

Referans Translations; which has grown and expanded rapidly, which embraces the whole world with its universal quality, which has an administrative staff with open vision and of farseeing professionals, which presents much more than the expectations from a translation firm, which is a trailblazer, progressive and leader institution; is looking to future with a greater hope?

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Investment on Human Resources