Technical content may be defined as online or offline materials that describe the specifications of a technical product, process or system. The most important feature of Technical Publications is to provide technical information for the user. Help files, reference guides, operation, use or maintenance manuals, instructions for use are among the technical publications which are frequently required by the companies.

When Referans Translation Services expert starts a project, he/she first identifies the audience for the documentation. This involves determining whether the audience is a non-technical person of average literacy who needs to know how to set the time and tape television shows for a VCR, for instance, or a technician who must diagnose, repair or replace internal components.

When the content is created, it is reviewed for accuracy by one or more "subject matter experts".

Finally, the technical content is validated in final deliverables ready for internationalization for multilingual work according to the market plans of the customer (booklet/CD/web).

Content Development