Referans Translation Services has developed corporate quality principles as a result of the experience gained over the years and a thorough research of national and international standards in the industry.

Thanks to the strictly applied quality procedures followed, high level of service quality is a sustainable asset in Referans Translation Services. Referans renders translation services in strict conformity with EN ISO 17100 at the moment; however, you can easily pick up the roots from legacy standards like EN 15038 and DIN 2345 when you take a look at the background of our understanding of quality just because our group of companies started to follow international quality standards in 1998. As a core body, we have developed the following criteria for explaining the quality of as target output:

  • Correctness: The translated texts are correct in content and terminology within the context,
  • Completeness: The source text is completely translated as a target text without any skipped up sections,
  • Consistency: The target text is consistent from the beginning to the end in both style and terminology,
  • Fluency: The language used in the target text is fluent, and easily understandable,
  • Spelling: There are no spelling mistakes in the target text,
  • Timely Delivery: The translation is delivered exatly on the right time agreed upon with the customer at the beginning

Please evaluate translation services delivered by Referans Translation Services in the light of the criteria.

Quality Criteria