ISO 17100:2015 Translation services – Requirements for translation services

Referans Translation Services is a certified translation service company as per the Standard ISO 17100: 2015 that provides requirements for the core processes, resources and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications.

ISO 17100:2015 specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services including:
  • Resources
    • Human resources. The standard defines qualifications and professional competences of all language professionals involving in the production including translators, revisers, reviewers and project managers.
  • Technical and technological resources. Translation services provider owns and runs the following technical and technological infrastructure:
    • technical hardware in order to ensure effective completion of translation projects, management, storing, retrieving, archiving and removing, if needed, of all documents involved in a secure and confidential environment,
    • communication tools including proper hardware and software products,
    • tools and sources of information,
    • translation technology tools, project management systems, terminology management systems and any other systems needed for management of relevant linguistic resources.
  • Translation Process
    • Pre-production. The standard details the requirements before translation is started. Pre-production process covers handling requests for quotation, enquiry and feasibility assessment, the agreement between the customer and the service provider, handling project-related client information, administrative activities, technical aspects of project preparation, linguistic specification, and other relevant factors.
    • Production. Different steps of the production process are discussed: translation service project management, document translation and check by a professional translator, in-depth revision by a second linguist (bilingual editing), review (monolingual editing by domain specialists) and proofreading (target language content revision and correction before printing) when the client hires any of these two value added services, and the final verification and release of the translation by a qualified project manager.
      • Translation: is carried out by one or more professional translator(s) selected according to the features of the project.
      • Checking is a step handled by the translators him/herself who is free to use CAT tools for a faster correction of errors.
      • Revision is handled by a separate translation professional who compares the source and target texts to correct any errors, misinterpreting and/or completes any parts missing
      • Review (Optional) is a stage handled by a third professional and carried out on target text for conformity to the project requirements.
      • Proofreading (Optional) is for final checking of the target text in order to confirm the target text for publishing; any needed errors are to be corrected before publishing.
    • Post-production. The ISO 17100 quality standard highlights the importance of interacting with the client, both in the initial translation services agreement where all the special features of the project are gathered, and in managing possible modifications, claims, feedback, customer satisfaction assessment and closing administration.
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