AKCE System is a service bundle supported with language technologies and offered by Referans Translation Services Co., Ltd. mainly for the Minor, Small & Meduim-sized Enterprises in the Eastern Europe. The system has soon become favorable all around the world for many companies who are seeking to enlarge their market plans. With 25 years of experience in the localization business behind, AKCE System supports already drawn-up targets of the manufacturing and trading SMEs with their estimated success.

Now Referans Translation Services Co., Ltd. is offering Turkey, a service which has been provided to large industry and commerce firms of the world such as RENAULT, SONY, EPSON, SAMSUNG and HP for years. Thanks to AKCE System, translation task will no more be a budget-pressing cost, becoming an aspect which will contribute to your company day by day.

As known, three aspects are always available within the global market:  
  • High-quality production
  • Affordable prices
  • High-quality presentation

AKCE System is a Money Saving System

Think of a minor savings account in which you deposit money in small amounts from time to time. This account can make a profit for you for every time of need. Such systems that use money and other exchange instruments worldwide work by combining small deposits provided into a large investment and makes profit for you. The basic element here is the accumulation of the profits of your instrument and allowing you to win.

And Referans Translation Services operates as a document bank and saves your documents and use them again in the development of your new documents thus preventing re-translation of some documents. For instance for a product–catalogue, the main text and the translation thereof is saved in the database. Later on, when a second version of the catalogue is required to be translated, such saved ones are used. After all, there are many similar texts in catalogues that are related to the same products. And again when this company wants to have such products on the website, the same texts are used for the web this time.

Since AKCE System provides substantial money and time saving feature, developing different ad & promotion materials do not press on the budget of the company. So SMEs in developed countries can offer rich visual materials for their customers.


Why Document Development and Translation is so important?

As known, translation is a process applied as a part of “Document Development” tasks worldwide. The primary condition of being effective in the global market is to adopt a healthy document development management. Therefore, organizations and establishments which aim international markets intend to inform their audience by creating documents that defines their products in detail. However this requires serious money for document development tasks and becomes a though obstacle for SMEs that are looking for new markets.

Documents processed in market research & development:

  •     Websites
  •     Catalogues
  •     Brochures
  •     Bulletins
  •     Documents that explain product specifications
  •     Users Manuals
  •     Maintenance and repair guides
  •     Help guides
  •     Competitor product studies
  •     Market and audience studies
  •     Production procedures
  •     Automation softwares

Many more examples can be given for document types. In times, companies are found to perform researches on all them while renouncing some of them sometimes. Generally one or two reasons are given for giving up on documents. Document research & development:

• is an expensive investment thus causing people to be contented with minimum documents,
• takes time and results in developing fewer documents or assignment of more than one suppliers;
•when discrepancies are seen in documents, such fail to support each other and prove out to be unrelated works finally thus making it hard to reach the target and increasing investment costs.

Use of Technology Brings Efficiency and Saving

Besides other aspects, technology again brings important advantages also for document sector. AKCE system combines the power of technology with human experience and helps making a human product more efficient while providing a quick offering to businesses.

AKCE-Smart Budgeting System