With more than 10 years of experience in translating software and documentation for medical devices, Referans Translation Services is a leading provider of high quality and trustworthy translation, localization and DTP services for the Medical Devices Industry. As medical device manufacturers seek to expand their share in global markets, their compliance challenges are growing exponentially. Besides, manufacturers of electronic medical devices face the added challenge of ensuring their product's computerized components, embedded software, and user interfaces are compatible with existing regional infrastructures and user preferences.

An integrated approach 

Referans Translation Services employs an integrated solution to translating documentation for medical devices that includes industry-specific medical device translation resources and the latest technology infrastructure to help you reduce cost, minimize risk and expedite time-to-market.

Services include: 
  •     Translation of printed and electronic documentation, including labels, instructions, inserts, etc.
  •     Localization to ensure hardware and embedded software are compatible with existing infrastructures
  •     Localization of training and product materials to promote proper product use, expedite training cycles and boost sales
  •     Developing a translation memory to enable you to reuse content across device-related documents and projects
Medical Devices