The Automotive Industry is one of the industries that have been using localization for their success in a target market. Long before other industries needed it, automobile manufacturers were using localization to successfully drive into new markets across the globe. Today, with the new legislation imposed in many countries around the world, localization will be even more important to ensure a product's successful launch.

Although most localization suppliers are accustomed to localizing product documentation, they do not look much careful about the unique requirements of effective localization for the automotive industry, resulting in poor quality localized products. Localization defects not only create poor perception of product quality leading to reduced sales, they can also have important implications for product safety.

Now, Referans Translation Services redefines localization for the automotive industry by combining highly accurate translation with measurable quality and the latest technology and processes to provide both quality and affordable localization solutions. Thanks to the database infrastructure developed through the long years of experience in the industry, we are able to serve more quality, speedy at more reasonable rates.

No more paying twice  

A through research shows that most new models developed by automotive manufacturers produce highly identical content with the former which means most of the content are available translated somewhere and sometime before. However, they are still charged by most of the localization providers each time as if they are translated from scratch. The Referans database system allows the local distributor have a free web based link to their content database through which they check, download and analyze the material before submission to the provider. Not only with the budget friendly approach, Referans Translation Services ensures automotive manufacturers with its quality processes in accordance which our professional translators are regularly trained to fully comply with industry standards such as SAE J2450 quality metrics for localization.

What is SAE J2450? 

SAE J2450 is the most widely applied quality standards developed by the SAE Society of Automotive Engineers in order to obtain objective measurement of production quality and became a recommended practice in October 2001 for multilingual localization and translation for the automotive industry. SAE J2450 consists of 7 metrics to measure localization quality. One of the goals of SAE J2450 is to ensure consistent standard are applied to determine translation objectively. As defined by the standard, the 7 types of errors which can occur in a translation are:

  •     Wrong Term
  •     Syntactic Error
  •     Omission
  •     Word Structure or Agreement Error
  •     Misspelling
  •     Punctuation Error
  •     Miscellaneous Error

Each category of errors can be classified as either major or minor. A numeric score is assigned to each error type and severity level. The composite score is the weighted sum of the errors normalized by the total number of words in the text. This easy statistical approach greatly simplifies analysis of the translation quality while providing specific information for errors in different categories and particular problem areas. Referans Translation Services is proud to be localization provider for some of the international manufacturers of heavy-duty machines, agricultural machines and automotive products including:

Some of our customers in the Automotive Industry include:: 
  •     Renault
  •     Mazda
  •     Honda
  •     Various spare parts manufacturers
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