Our Mission

The mission of Referans Translation Services is to contribute its customers’ profitability by introducing the most innovative methods in document services industry in the world. As the whole world is becoming a single, combined market, our most important duty is “to contribute our customers’ income by preparing the documents with top level quality discipline that will provide them to be effective in the market”.

Referans Translation believes document services as a whole is a tool to increase its customers' corporate identity, profitability and efficiency.

Our motto is “While our customers earn, we earn!” Beyond just expressing this belief, we make any needed investment in innovative methods and technologies developed in the world.

Our management assures the provision and the best use of human and other resources needed to meet these expectations.


Our Vision

In terms of the quality and capacity achieved, the technology level available to the industry, and human resources, finance, marketing and public relations, we are determined to be the document company that anyone, anywhere in the world will first think about for a document solution.

Already having an innovative and pioneering corporate identity, Referans Translation Services offers much more than that expected from a translation agency, and in the light of the basic approach above it has defined the steps to take in the way to reach the determined vision.

The progress will go on in collaboration with all other translation agencies in the world being always one step ahead from them

Mission & Vision