Your local team of experienced language professionals

Referans Translation Services was established as a business services company in Istanbul, the point where all the roads from the west to the east meet, and manages dedicated teams of language professionals. Referans provides global MLVs translation and DTP services in local languages along with the global brands located in Turkey. 

Remarkable achievements made Referans Translations a successful solution partner for global giants soon. From project management to customer feedback handling, Referans Translations has proved to be a reliable solution partner in multilingual documentation with its practical and budget-friendly pricing policies. 

While the world is becoming a global village, anyone in the world from anywhere is inclined to reach a kind of a product or service whereever it is produced; therefore, translation is considered as a strong tool of bridging between suppliers and consumers and translation industry contributes the real economy in a great deal. Since each organization with global targets accordingly needs a translation team who could help them reach their target audiences, Referans Translation Services has adopted a strategy to function as a local partner for global brands to support them with an experienced and talented team of language professionals for the local languages. Referans Translation Services is the breath and the voice of manufacturers, trade and industry enterprises.