Years of experience in the processing field supported by through knowledge in detailed engineering and process control have helped us to offer a new state of the art line of industries on a turn-key basis to cover all steps you may require.

  •     Content development
  •     Terminology management
  •     Internationalization
  •     Creating images
  •     Translation/Localization
  •     Proofreading
  •     DTP
  •     QA check
  •     Editing
  •     In-country review
  •     Pre-printing approval
  •     Printing
  •     Delivery to end-user

Tasarım ve üretim gücü, kalite anlayışı ile birleşince, ürünler müşteriye hem mükemmel hem de ekonomik sunulabiliyor. Bu basit döngüden sonuçta tüm taraflar kazanıyor. İşte Referans ile çalışan müşterilerimizin yaşadığı hizmet konforu gerçeği...

Turn Key Projects

Referans Translation and Localization Centre hosts specialized translation professionals, project managers and DTP technicians who handle international documentation projects in more than 200 subjects of expertise for timely delivery in due accordance with EN ISO 17100:2015.

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