A talented team of expert DTP technicians in Referans Translation Services give a breath to your documentation

Desktop Publishing has long been ignored in the documentation process, however, it is the core step in creating effective materials and giving an identity to the developed content. All contemporary tools are used by talented DTP technicians in Referans Translation Services including marketing material, user manuals, product packaging, web sites and multimedia materials. From creative work up to printing of documentation or burning your DVDs, we are confident you will Referans solutions more reasonable than any other agencies in the world.

Request a quotation for your miltilingual DTP needs for a creative design and development, for a more reasonable budgeting and for faster service.

Desktop Publishing

Referans Translation and Localization Centre hosts specialized translation professionals, project managers and DTP technicians who handle international documentation projects in more than 200 subjects of expertise for timely delivery in due accordance with EN ISO 17100:2015.

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