The majority of documentation we use nowadays in the world is, no doubt, still in text form while the digital materials of developing technology is dominating our lives more everyday. What is more important than that is digital materials offer more affluent and attractive forms for promotion compared to the printed materials... Moreover, the decrease in the price of multimedia products makes it an important opportunity for SME's nowadays.

  •     Graphic design
  •     Multimedia development
  •     Casting and video production
  •     Multilingual voice recording
  •     Dubbing
  •     Animation and subtitling
  •     Picture & sound editing
  •     Delivery in the required format
  •     Reproduction and shipment

Multimedia production is a special service Referans Translation Services offers in support with traditional content localization and translation services on cost-effective budgets.

Multimedia Services

Referans Translation and Localization Centre hosts specialized translation professionals, project managers and DTP technicians who handle international documentation projects in more than 200 subjects of expertise for timely delivery in due accordance with EN ISO 17100:2015.

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