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Rendering B2B services to the giant brands in Turkey and in the World as per international quality standards since the time of establishment, Referans Translation Services is looking for talented colleagues to take the level of service quality higher.

As we are only able to maintain our high level of service quality with highly qualified and committed professionals, we will evaluate your application in the shortest time convenience and turn back to you with our procedures of selecting professionals as per TS EN ISO 17100:2015.

At the moment, we have the following vacant positions:

  • Translators/localization experts/editors
  • Copywriters/technical writers
  • Software development experts
  • Multimedia technicians

Thank you for wishing to participate Referans Translation family. Please click the link below to access our application form.

Referans Translation and Localization Centre hosts specialized translation professionals, project managers and DTP technicians who handle international documentation projects in more than 200 subjects of expertise for timely delivery in due accordance with EN ISO 17100:2015.

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