Referans has internalized the “quality” concept as the keystone element of corporate culture. As their clients’ partner and natural consultant, to meet their expectations in best possible way, it continues to serve with a systematic approach that is focused on customer satisfaction. It presents its goods and services in accordance with International Quality Assurance Management norms. In the light of periodic customer satisfaction questionnaires as the necessity of this system, business processes analysis and process enhancements are implemented. In addition it shapes its translations and products -designed and produced by Referans – with its customers’ ideas, suggestions and support.

Today Referans has realized its Operational Competences by Product – Market Focus in parallel with its corporate culture and resources which arose in the direction of company’s general tendency. Referans Translations is finalizing its organizational settlement with strategies and strategic planning developed due to Managerial Development Projects and Corporate Objectives.

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Quality Assurance

Referans Translation and Localization Center hosts 28 specialized translation professionals and serves international documentation projects of various volumes in more than 200 subjects of expertise for timely delivery in due accordanca with EN 15038 translation services standards.

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