'Translation Factory' is probably the most suitable definition to the Localization Center of Referans Translation Services Co., Ltd. With the number of full time working staff and the volume of work processed every day, we are a large family rendering documentation services to the world's giant corporate bodies.

The qualification structure of the staff is probably the most important fact that differs our company from the others. We have made a dynamic core staff with experienced and talented professionals in our Localization Center located in Çağlayan, Istanbul. Here is a breakdown of highly qualified 25 professionals working in-house in Referans Translation services Co., Ltd:

The in-house staff is supported by a large pool of freelance resources from all over the world in order to meet multilingual document requirements of the customers. Referans Translation Services has made service contract with about 600 professionals who translate into their own mother tongue in various language combinations.

Resources are carefully selected in accordance with the standard procedures developed during the long years of time in the industry. All in-house and freelance resources are taken through a careful selection process before an employment contract is offered. They all sign an NDA and taken into a training process where they are supported with quality focused approach and customer specific applications.

In-house Translators
Software Specialists2
Technical Support Specialist1
Account Managers2
Project Managers2
Freelance Resources

Referans Translation and Localization Center hosts 28 specialized translation professionals and serves international documentation projects of various volumes in more than 200 subjects of expertise for timely delivery in due accordanca with EN 15038 translation services standards.

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