The 25 years of experience gained in the translation industry has taught us that a standard workflow is followed fastidiously for translation services just like any other manufacturing industry applications. Therefore, Referans Translation Services has established a standard workflow and procedures in order to achieve a sustainable high service quality.

The procedures are strictly followed from A to Z by all the staff to give route during the long and tiring journey of a document from one culture to another. The procedure steps below are applied according to the nature of the source content.

Steps in a translation project cover: 
  1. Evaluation of the products/services: Satisfactory field knowledge on the products or services for which the documentation is produced is crucial. All members in the team taking charge in the project from the Project Manager to the layout designer should be aware about what sort of products or services they are working on and what their functions are. Therefore, a Project Manager gathers up his/her team and gives them a seminar after having a concentrated examination in the premises if needed.
  2. Terminology Development: A dedicated glossary is prepared for the project documentation. The terminology includes the terms which all the translators who are involved in the project will use throughout the project. Especially for large volume or long term projects in which more than one linguist are assigned, the glossary gains importance since it avoids inconsistencies and different interpreting. The list of terminology prepared is validated by customer’s experts. Sometimes customers submit a predesigned glossary. In this case the translation team acts according to the customer supplied glossary.
  3. Translation: The core step of the production procedure, translation, is done in accordance with the validated terminology by selected translators specialized in the area in question. They apply a self-check before passing their translations to the next step.
  4. Review: In order to achieve a high quality translation, review by an independent professional is a must as a second step. Review is handled by a second linguist as a standard.
  5. DTP: Documents such as brochures, catalogues, etc. which are printed to reproduce after language related work is done are taken through a Desk Top Publishing stage. Any images, photos, drawings, icons, etc. within the text are scanned or produced to reposition on their original locations in order to produce the original page layout. Our team is highly experienced in using SDL Trados filters for a faster and more efficient production of the same for original lay out documentation.
  6. Editing: Editing stage has an important role especially for marketing materials. An expert linguist with copywriting qualifications takes charge at this stage. The main purpose is to give the translation an aspect to address the target audience in the light of cultural considerations.
  7. Quality Assurance Check: Documents with completed graphic design need to be checked one more time over the lay out copies. This is a cross check at the same time in order to confirm the wording and the images are located correctly throughout the document and the translation suits the text boxes supplied. Thanks to the language technologies, we are able to conduct a QA check automatically over the text beforehand by TagEditor QA Checker.
  8. Validation: The completed documents are submitted to the customer for validation. For the customer validated documents, it is the time for invoicing.
  9. Project Completion: When all the stages are completed, the Project Manager gives Project Completion Approval. The validation and the related texts are delivered to the Operation Department.

Some of the brands we are carrying out localization for:
  • HP
  • SONY

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Production Procedure

Referans Translation and Localization Centre hosts specialized translation professionals, project managers and DTP technicians who handle international documentation projects in more than 200 subjects of expertise for timely delivery in due accordance with EN ISO 17100:2015.

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